March Forward

Even though tomorrow is uncertain

I still march forward with hope and passion

Though I might be down I still look forward with a mighty fire burning inside

I march forward because the future holds the keys to great doors


It’s been a year full of toils and trials

Full of anguish and frustrations

I want to give you good news

but my mind and heart still have yet to heal from the wounds


I’ve been tired and challenged

School won’t let up the work simply keeps piling on

The weight and burdens that I’ve been carrying

Finally became too heavy for me to carry on my own


Numerous doors have been closed

An unchanging situation probably for my unchanging heart

Still I wake up and put a smile on my way to denial

Laces up, shirt tucked, with the future just up one mile.


2016 will not repeat

The past is past and I have to let go

I have grown, I have learned, and though

My current situation is out of my control

I still have hope, I still have dreams

And I march forward with the drive

And motivation that one day it will come to fruition.



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