march on

to put it bluntly..I think im in the deepest whole.
Sunk in so far,
Trapped for an eternity.
Im not going anywhere,
And no one's helping.
Now of days we make it so easy,
To abandon and ignore the broke,
To justify our hipocracy.
We wallow in self pity, and stain the soul of those untouched
Pretty soon the good will be gone and the heartless will march on.

I grew up with a damaged eye,
I never quite saw things right.
Least to society.
I was odd.
I saw the cancerous lies that proceed big brother,
I saw the man who wrecked the home,
I saw innocence lose its fluorescent's.
I hated seeing a child's shine so dull.
Although meeting my reflection every morning, will one day take its toll.
I have hope for myself, down in the deepest whole.
Plastic friendships, and continuous lies. Mistreatment to my surprise.
One day the good will be gone, and the heartless will march on.

These cheats, and liars,
Theifs and cryers,
Those intentions of evil,
It won't over come me.
I'm not gonna be a victim to the flesh eating souls.
They won't be My last sight.
I still have a glimmer, but its losing it's strength.
Living in the darkness , the world we've made
Is baring down on it's last few warriors. 
Some day the good will be gone, and the heartless will march on.

I met a bruised soul,
Pure to the eye.
They sat in their hardship,
This was the day I had tried.
I gave him a rope, to pull him out this rut.
In return,  he stole my heart.
And I found myself falling into his hole.
He was not broken, just a bored little person.
He played a game with my life, 
I wasn't triumphant.
I clawed at the walls & made my way out.
I marched on with out a beat to my chest.

What's left?



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