March 26th

"My birthday is soon."

I whispered.

Next Wednesday!

I softly squealed.


I grinned


Tomorrow comes.

Alarm rings.

Sixteen! Sixteen!

I mused

Today is my birthday.

I'm sixteen!


Mom eagerly greets me.

Dad snores.

Mom drives me to Burger King.

Egg Crossaintwich!

with cheese!




I can barely sit through NHS.

I rush to my locker.

The lock is on backwards! 

Meddlin Kids!

Brianna hugs me!


Happy Birthday!

I smiled. It's the beginning

of a day of Jonelle!

It was supposed to be.


Cat gave me four rice krispies.

My frist gift from my friends.

My only gift from my friends.


I tried to drop hints.

Everyone was in their drama bubbles.

Nobody was turnt.


Nobody noticed until John sang "Celebration"

It wasn't for me.

He was just singing.

How fitting for Today!

I icily smiled.


It's my birthday.

Oh, happy birthday!


The words were dry and forced.

I tried to laugh it off.

tears escaped as I laughed.


I was forgotten,

Reduced to the back of everyone's minds.

I see my friend.

What a terrible day.

She sulked.

But it's a great day! 

I smiled.

No, it's not.

March 26th is always a great day, every year!

Is it your birthday or something?


Oh, happy birthday.

Silence. eye roll. Heartbreak.


All I wanted was a simple phrase.

I wanted to be remembered.

I wanted my friends to be happy

that I was here.


Just one day.

we laugh and remember Jonelle

without being reminded

by Jonelle.


5th period.

My Chem Gems!

We should be turnt.


Only Brianna remembers.

Another hug.

I'm crying in her arms.

Sabrina and Lorenza console me.


My desolation is unshakable.

Jordan tries to comfort me.

I just couldn't feel happy.



My bittersweet Sixteen.


























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