Many A Break And Flaw

Sun, 01/18/2015 - 23:31 -- chloyo


My tummy is a very squishy one.

My thighs are so much wider than my head.

My stretch marks litter me like constellations on my skin,

And I’m flawless.


My eyesight only grows worse.

My parents are usually disappointed in me.

My fixation on one career path is probably detrimental to my health,

And I’m flawless.


My bedhead is really truly bad.

My acne comes and goes and always hurts.

My cheeks puff up and redden when I cry, which is often,

And I’m flawless.


My room is a huge mess.

My hours spent online are through the roof.

My carbonated drink addiction is going to financially ruin me,

And I’m flawless.




My friends know I can be trusted.

My friends believe in my future and love me.

My friends will support me through whichever hardship comes first,

And they know I’m flawless.


My family has seen the dark times.

My family knows I am working so hard to get better.

My family will love me unconditionally until the day I die, and then beyond,

Because I’m flawless.


My love for myself is evident.

My hardwork is paying off and the proof of that is here.

My self confidence is growing every single day and I won’t stop saying

I’m flawless.


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