How dare you ignore the war

In front of you?

How many?

How many more will be sacrificed?

To acknowledge the fearful faces

Stop observing our numbers and homes!

Stop apologizing!

And do something

Do something



I am a child

I was made from love

Precious, heart-wrenching love

And so were you.

We were projects that took

Three-quarters of a year 

To be launched.

We are simple seedlings

In your harsh, impressionable planet.

Pointing fingers is not a strategy

Pointing fingers creates targets

Children, colors, and love

Children, colors, and love

Children, colors, and love

Children, colors, and love.

Murder your future

Eliminate diversity

Erase any source of love.

I don’t deserve the name 


Nor a number, for that matter.

I deserve to see my projects

They deserve to see their projects

There’s more love to be made

And more hate to diminish

Forget a statistic

They deserve justice

And we want to see it

Forget a statistic

I want safety

And pointing fingers

Only fuels the fire

Not another tragedy

Where you cry for a week

And you forget

Forget a statistic

I want to live


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My country
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