A Man's Best Friend

I sit there paitently looking around,

I look up feeling a drop of water upon my face,

I can feel a storm coming soon,

I have no home, for I've been kicked out,

I see no shelter only streets filled with running cars.


My paws are hurting from walking miles away from home,

My stomach is starving for not eating in days,

My heart is pounding to see my owner leaving me stranded,

My eyes are closing, I have not slept,

My fear is getting kippnaped by the pound, I am homeless.


Can anyone see I'm suffering,

Can anyone tell I'm crying,

Can anyone feel sorry for me,

Can anyone give me what I need,

Can anyone say something to me.


Lonely is what I feel.

Homeless is what I am.

Torture is what you gave me.

Stranger is what you are to me.

Death is what I fear.

Scars are whats in me.


My poem is about a homeless dog who got kicked out of his house and is stranded trying to find shelter during a storme. The reason I wrote this poem was to show how a dog might feel when he is not under anyones care or doesn't get any attention. Another reason I wrote this poem is because it leads to what I want to major in, which is Animal Science to help large and small animals and give them the attention they need. I have always loved working with animals and I find this as my dream goal becoming a Veterinarian and helping lost homeless animals. Also to stop the torture of them.


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