Mankind and the fire

There has existed primordially only one spirit, a killer beast, a violent storm the tides of death, and a burning fire. She is the spirit of chaos and a being of beauty untold, a lone child a dying star, a crying eye. Feared for millennium she roamed the cosmos, later the earth and every being of every kind trembled at the sight of her and shivered in her wake.

Then there was man, born a child, born unto a woman, loved and hated, keen but feeble. He beheld her power as she swept across the grasslands as a great fire. Every being of every kind fled from the chaos but not man. He alone stood and stared at the fire, deadly, beautiful, alive, and chaotic.

Frozen in place and burned in the fire he was taken to his people more dead than alive, his body scarred his mind insane for now he sought the fire.

He ran after the fire in the wake of its destruction and circled around into the path of the never-ending fire and used a flat stone to dig a trench that would halt its spread. He stood in its path and there he saw her, the destroyer, the supreme, the spirit, inspiration, chaos, and destiny. He beheld the spirit and in her he saw beauty.

The fire died away but the spirit did not die and he fought with the spirit. An instant from catastrophe he entered a fierce battle with the spirit of chaos during which he nearly lost his life. After some time fighting he gained the upper hand then killed a snake and used it to bind her hands, the hands of chaos, the first one to ever bind them. She looked at him and saw his scars from her fire, she looked into his eyes and saw a look like madness, and she stared into his soul and revoked her power over him.

The snake that bound her fell to the ground. A gentle rain came to nourish the scorched ground. The two all-powerful beings entered a dance of perfect beauty and supreme harmony and upon its conclusion the spirit raced across the plain and the man raced after her. Thus began the cycle which continues to this day and must continue for all time.

The spirit will run gracefully as the wind or hide in the deepest cave and the man will peruse her to the ends of the earth. Sometimes the spirit will elude the man for millennium. Sometimes the spirit and the man will draw close to each other and again enter a dance of perfect harmony and supreme beauty, enjoy each other’s intimate embrace, and begin the game again.


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