I'm scared of the manipulator

I'm scared of the puppeteer

I'm scared of the demon

I am so scared of you

From the second I saw you

I knew

I knew your tricks

I knew how you operated

I knew everything about you


I know what you do

I know why you do it

I know that you really do care

I know you


I know you are a demon

I know you prey on the weak

I know you draw everyone tightly in

I know

I look in the mirror

It scares me, seeing my reflection

I stare at the puppeteer

It’s me

I’m the thief

I’m the liar

I’m the manipulator

I’m the fraud

I’m the demon

I’m everything

What am I going to do about it?


I look at my phone

It looks daunting

It knows me too

It knows countless conversations

It knows my victim antics

I know

I know I'm scared

I know I have to come forward

I know I can't do this alone

I'm scared

I'm scared as I open my phone

I'm scared as I pull up the dial pad

I'm scared as I dial the number

I'm scared as I listen to the dial tone


I hear the other end pick up

I hear the receptionist's cheery voice

I hear the words fall out of my mouth

"I need help"


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