"Man Why Am I Feeling So Grey?"

Being flawless is hard work

Doesn't happen in just one day

I look at myself in the mirror day by day

Days go on and you look the same 

"Man, why am I feeling so grey?"

I look at the same old, imperfect here and there

Trying to become the image of the perfect girl that society wants me to wear

I work hard but I never get there

"Man, why am feeling so grey?"

Took a while to realize

That I ain't got to resize

Being Flawless comes within your own decision

Seeing myself as strong, independant, and intelligent woman 

Having that sass and being loud

Is the element of a proud flawless gal

That's what makes me flawless

Not being the smallest,

But being the tallest, honest, modest, most flawless girl around



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