To the Man Who Owns Me


Dear men,

Women are celestial beings, molded with care

Though only when a man shines his focus upon us, are we made aware

Though we were always there


It’s in our DNA

Rosalind Franklin found our helix

Yet Watson and Crick got the credit

Its embedded

In our culture

Where men are the vultures

Taking what we’ve made

And throwing us in the shade


You say sensitivity is a sin

Though not for princess pea,

feeling the slightest bump made her a princess

Is that really weakness?

Maybe sensitivity is just awareness


And thunderous thighs

Can shake mountains, split skies

And if they split skies,

they sure as hell can shatter glass ceilings


whatever hell he brings

into our lives, is no match for the currents and tides

we control, lulled by our energy

we are wild, we are free

we are boundless creativity


sheltered in these flesh canvases

Mona Lisa inspired masses

and her eyebrows weren’t even “on fleak”

She didn’t need any to be “chic”


The female form is art itself

Not meant to sit on the shelf

And await your help


We may have craters in our skin

from your punches and din

but still we will win

because we made you

my belly is the moon

the big bang exploding out of my womb


don’t blame it on menopause

just because men need to pause

and remove their claws

from our bellies and jaws


my body my choice

my heart and my voice

and yes you rejoice

as you deliver your seed

but then you just leave

like you planted a weed

then make herbicide illegal


-well not today

I will not play

your games anymore

stop looking to score

my uterus is not your playing field

and I will not yield

my rights for your ego


so moon women unite

its our time to fight

call up the tides

crack open the skies

tonight we will ride


to knock down the doors

we’ll storm all the shores

we will start our own war


for equality




This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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