The Man That Should Have Protected Me

A father is the person who should stay by your side,

the person who helps you, when you want to hide.

He should be that person you can count on to put you back together,

the person who makes you feel light as a feather.

He should hold his children when they cry

He should stay with his princess and teach her how to fly.

That is what he should do

but for some kids they can only dream of this being true.

My father said he would always love me,

but if that was true then why did he flee.

I know he loved me, I mean he gave me my wings.

But why did he rip them off my back when he left my mom and I that Spring?

Everything was perfect when I was the age of three,

I had the largest smile I couldn't help but be filled with glee.

Now he is gone because he chose his new wife after 16 years,

and everytime I see my step-dad I can't help but fill my eyes with tears.

I will always love him, I mean he is my dad

 and if he ever came back I would be extremely glad.

He is gone and I sometimes still scream and shout,

but what would you do if your dad walked out?





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My family
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