The Man of My Dreams

Tue, 08/22/2017 - 14:02 -- Hydidi

We danced and danced

Until I floated away,

I remembered the dream

Like it was yesterday.

He fought for me,

With all of his might, 

We traveled so far,

All day and all night. 

We had to find a way,

To break this spell,

Or he would stay this way,

And our mission will fail.

We found our way together,

We found something else too, 

We found love after everything,

That we've been through.

But when I floated away,

I realized it was a dream,

It so strange and so real,

But what does it mean?

A knock at the door,

My father answered with happiness and laughter,

And there he was,


My dream,

My Prince Charming,

My Nutcracker!


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