A Man In Celestial Love

Where can I find serenity if you are gone from me,
It’s as if darkness and death have clashed to see where to flee.
Hideously loning for thy beauty and perfection I want to see,
Ensnare this crumpled heart in pain of me.

Is it pitiful to wipe the tears of my heart,
Shame and hate do break apart.
For no flat note nor beat can stop my dancing smile,
To be with you anywhere in a thousand miles.

Your being is a metaphor of a bright shining star,
But I am no astronomer to see so far.
Nevertheless I am a lover of your graceful eyes,
Even if I have to climb the heavens to embrace thee, I will rise.

For thy beauty I can compare all the celestial beings,
You are the lady- the ingenuity of this poet brings.
While in the darkness I see a never-ending darkness,
I look at your face, I see greatness.

Then again I look upon a very finely bred lady,
Despise crawls over me and I feel weary.
If it is only love that it takes for you to love me back,
How much more love needed to be offered that I lack?

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