The Man Behind The Mirror


Halloween is October 31st, not everyday

But every day you hide behind a mask

The mask of a monster hiding an angel’s face

Sometimes, the mask doesn’t want to come off

Sometimes the mask is comfortable

The mask is your friend

The mask is resilient

The mask is your life


Throw the mask away

Show us your big brown eyes

Your big ears and wide smile

Hairy eyebrows and overly sensitive nose

Show Us…..

Show us true beauty

The beauty that runs a 1000 rivers

The beauty that walks a 1000 smiles

The beauty that hides a 1000 mask


Take your mask off

Take on the world



Words are not really my thing, this is pretty much my first submitted poem so I feel like a rookie right now trying to learn the ropes. Every kind of feedback helps, so one day I could be molded into a good poet. Thank You

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