Man Above

Wed, 07/03/2013 - 17:17 -- AmaniS


Chicago, IL
United States

Slaves, abuse, mistreatment, no love

But still our ancestors looked at the man above

Beatings, hard labor, being hurt like second nature

Working day in and day out all day long

But still our ancestors sang those old songs

A break through has reached, our ancestors were freed

They celebrate how bright the future might be

No education or a right to speak up

But still they looked at the man above

Years have gone and we've had that life changing experience called Civil Rights

Being killed by brutual and senseless fights

Marches and Boy Cotts

Showing no mercy or love

But still our people marched on

Having faith in the man above

We've had people to represent our kind

Dr. Martin Luther King only had equal rights on his mind

Our famous group, the strong Black Panthers

Who served and protected people like women who only wanted to buy pampers

Telling our people where to sit

Rosa Parks started a war of rage and fit

Leading, pressing on, suffering, no love

Our people still marched on looking for an answer from th man above

Spending many nights protesting

Making a better future for us spreading less war more love

Because they depended on the man above

Times has changed and our people show no appreciation

Guys want to skip school

But rather be in a gang initiation

Guns committing crimes

Woman wasting there time

What happened to out purpose? our people?

Does there effort get any recognizition

For trying to make us equal?

It's like were back to square one

With our world showing no love

But ask yourself.

who still looks to the man above?


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