Man Up

Wed, 05/29/2013 - 01:00 -- Hybrid


United States
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A man
What is that?
What defines a man?
Some would say a man is never wrong.
If that were true the men would be extinct
Perhaps a man is someone who fights in the streets
Who never loses because he is so strong
But who really knows anymore
With the media loud and parents silent
We have the miseducation of men in our heads
Where there should be truth there is fabrication instead
From a youth I was taught the media man
Has lots of sex in many beds and
He does what he wants but not what he says and if
We described him in short it’d be one word
As a child all wanted was to be a real man so learned from the media
And ate what they fed
I chased all the ladies to get them in bed
I spat at my parents even though they both shed
But why?
Shouldn’t they be proud I made it to grade 12
But I lived to disrespect everyone including myself
Was it my fault? I did what I was told.
The media told me how to be a man and
It was the only definition I’d known
But how could I be wrong? Was this not the goal?
To become greatest
To get what I want?
Sure but destroying myself
That was the toll
If not that then what could it be?
The whole time I thought being a man meant
Glorifying me
And this is the problem
With our society. See the men
They’re dying while the boys
They run free.
Setting off landmines and and chasing their greed
The men can’t see past their own want
And blind to their need
Because their self identity and definition of man
It was falsely conceived
They would know the truth if only the parents weren’t asleep
That the definition starts not with a Dis- but rather a Re-
Respect is a man inside and out
He respects himself and the women he sees
Whether passersby in day
Or on the computer screen
Women are meant to be respected
Anything else is just hugely obscene
What we need is a revolution
Of men rising from their graves
Because the boys are destroying us
And we need to be saved.
So if you think you’re a man I have a challenge for you
I’m ringing the bell
Respect women by protecting them from boys
And most importantly
From yourself


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