Mama always tell me

Mama always tell me to do right.
Mama always tell me not to fight.
Tell me to stay in sight.
Always tell me to be the best.
That there will always be a test.
There will be those who try to walk over top of you.
But you got to rise and make them fall.
Be wise and not foolish.

Think before you make your next move.
Step up for what’s right and never fear.
You will never fail with the lord he is always near.
Don’t be scared of no one
They don’t make you what you are today.
That person is not going to help you get into college,
The life you live,
Put food on your table,
Nor pay your bills.
Put that stuff with them people to the side.
Stop being foolish and do what’s right.

Be successful while I go to work.
Go to school and learn a lot.
Get good grades and an education.
God and family is all you need.
So be of good courage and he will help you succeed.


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