Mama Africa

Mama Africa
Oh beautiful Mama Africa
No one can be compared to you
The beautiful glorious mountains
The ever pleasant rainbow
Mama Africa I love your beauty

From the games of the Maasai Mara
To the majestic Zambezi falls
That makes my heart beat falls
And the mysterious pyramids
Oh Mama Africa
I would like to know your mysteries
How can I forget the beautiful giraffes
That are neither too tough
Nor their lives being so rough

From the lion that roars
To the eagle that soars
The elephants rhinos and buffaloes
The heavyweights of the land
From the gazelle that falls
To the cub that calls
Oh Mama Africa it's survival of the fittest
Where there is even a fit test
Life here runs so fast mama
Like the speed of a cheetah

Everyday I can see your dazzling beauty
From the east
Where the sun awakes it's beasts
I'm also glad that I your son
Can be able to see the orange set sun
To the west
Where it sets best
And the night time's elegant
Where the stars dance with the rhythm of the sky
I love you Mama Africa
Proud to be part of you Mama Africa

This poem is about: 
Our world



This poem just transported me to a place I've never been. Love the imagery. Good work! 


Oooh thank you very much I'm humbled

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