Malleable Whispers

Birthed in the shackled knees of virtue lay the bleeding heart of my mother 

A spirit drenched in heartache and skin carved from the hues of the Earth

She swam upon rivers of uncertainties and regrets plucked from the menu of life

Her thoughts became lingering whispers of defeat and torrential outpours of rainstorms

Yet in these rainstorms , she found a lighthouse of hope within herself

Those ringing of promises sewn from truthful lips and other bleeding hearts

In her, I found peace

A solace wrenched between broken hearts and bleary eyes

Borne of illegitimacies and insecurities

I found hope within my mother

From hands moulded from the softests clouds

To the voice laced in the sweet comforting honey suckle tones of a mother

To the palms with cracks littered in more cracks than an eroding Earth

I found a burning and churning peace

One inspired and brewed from the love of a mother

This poem is about: 
My family


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