In a mall

In a mall , some big meeting going on, stretched out into multiple rooms, an important person takes their life. Major chaos ensues, fire bombs are thrown into all rooms killing pedestrians. A thick mob of bodies run outside, don’t look at the moon, or a girl, with glimmering pearlescent flesh, and eyes like hot coals, will shift inside your head. She will make you follow her into her dimension, upon ending your own life. You will spiral into her nightmare state of world. She will take her hatred, and anger for her pain, out on the very most human part of you. Your soul, which still remained childlike and innocent. Up until now. She is envious. She is broken beyond mending. Her own abuse, has transfixed her ; she is subhuman. 


Then, a man. With no eyes, skin covered, just a nose and mouth. Her lover, once a man, now heartless. He is medium in height, and well built. 

He won’t stand for a woman’s beating heart, full of love and tolerance. For he was shown no mercy, by the girl in the moon. The pain becomes repetition, the light is forgotten. 

He is her apprentice. He is almost as feared as the girl, residing in the sky.


Walking to my grandmothers to warn her, and say goodbyes for I have, intentionally, looked at the moon and been visited by the girl. In a hot rush, the sky turns black and I turn around and a cloud like fog on the ground creeps up. Everything is shadowed and not even a road or the sky can be seen. Just black air. I go to the man who beats up the women. He tears my heart away from me. My love remains. 


The journey, not for the faint of heart. These twisted characters call this place home. 


The spiral to this destination. It feels like I am falling through a never ending slinky that’s morphing shapes between a diamond and heart. Everything in between with light trails of rainbows, holographic naked bodies, see through, in front of an ocean. You can see the outline of a body, see the waves behind her light in the middle of a room scanning entire space. When it comes to reach for your body, you can see the entire skeleton, girl in a purple dress of tattered lace, moving up from many feet down As you go, she’s holding a lollipop. When you reach her face it’s a fake pig head, six times too large for her body with squinting eyes and a huge smile. 

Then, a circle shaped garden, with skyscraper brick walls surrounding it. Again, the feeling of a free fall. I’m plummeting from 20 stories high, but never reaching the ground, it extends forever.


Finally, I have arrived. 

A white horse laying on ground surrounded by orange trees, there are leaves coming from one end, moving across the pavement over the horses body, then reversing and coming from other way. 


Mary and her beloved son, but in skeleton form. Mary rips off the leg of her son and throws it to the side. It  shifts to a grey foggy forest and the leg lands and sprouts into a tree.


A very pale girl in a black dress leaning up against a chair as her blood vessels start to rise to the surface of her skin, eventually coming out of her skin and floating upwards, her body splits in half vertically and then someone zips it back up


Conveyer belt sways like a snake moves. A black brown tar substance, moves down into a hole where a shape of a face comes up the other side of the conveyer belt, and as it moves up vertically and starts to inch horizontal, the face becomes stretched out and large but you can still see the features , it is screaming.


Visions of the hellish place I have entered. Images that burn into my mind in permanence. Still, I remain unfazed. Work is to be done. 


For this is not my first encounter with the girl or man. It surely will not be the last. I have died a thousand times, in hopes to reach them at their core. Love is never lost, it disguises itself as hate. Light never diminishes completely. There a few who possess the ability to see the dimmed light, relight it, and tend to it. The pain endured must end. The cycle of suffering must halt. Dead in it’s tracks. Love must exist in the darkest of corders. Love, shown in the strangest of circumstance. This is how you defeat the dark. 


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