Malicious People

Malicious People


When I was just your little girl 

I always had around me

was malicious people

always jealous of my beauty 

they would go around town

talking all kinds of trash

they would call me names

just to make them feel good 

what a shame to casting

all kinds of blames,

When I had got older 

I was much stronger 

and I stood up for myself 

I started remembering all their names 

that had given me so much pains

but I never cast no hate their way 

because they had to see their own self in the mirror 

and face their own fears each day 

their old friends just linked together 

making all kinds of trouble in that old small town

but I never let them burst my bubble 

no way will I let them bring me down 

into their own shame of lies

I have my own life 

I've seen so many things that has given me 

darken dreams of pains you would never believe 

rains of sorrow that has no end

my life became so gray on that cold September day

by the time, December made its way

I felt I was in a grave

I had lost my faith when it comes to love

I come to that old garden of pains

and that is where my heart stayed 

around me are falling leaves of memories 

that withered deep within my mind

this pain moved deeper and deeper in my heart

I felt I could no longer breath 

when I start to think about the loss of my loved ones

It became hard for me to move on in my life

but then I start to think about those malicious people

and I started to think 

where they in pain too?

is that why they act the way they do.


Poetic Judy Emery © 1984


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