Malcolm's message

Muslims, Catholics, Buddhists, Christians
All face the same problem if you mention
Their skin is darker than the other ones
Past is heavy, shit feels like a ton
Whether in Africa, Asia, or the Carribean
All of them colonizers were European
The Bandung conference was all about unity
We've been searching for sovereignty since captivity
Do you know what starts a revolution?
Let's go to the history for the solution
Land is the basis of the bloodshed
Bolsheviks came hard for Romanovs head
The ones without go for those with
Land and money, you know sovereign shit
A non-violent revolution is not even that
Leave that to the master loving negro cats
There is a difference between negro and black
Cuz them negroes are the ones holding us back
Containing pain and anger from centuries
They suggest we suffer peacefully
Hoping that one day we will overcome
400 years of bondage?that shit sounds dumb
Desegregation was not the end goal
Taking our most gifted has taken it's toll
That was like shaking our hands with shit
White colleges made a Lot of money from this
We should defend ours like we defend this nation
It's about time for our reparation
Our loyalty need not be for sale
We tried that and ended up in the same hell
Turned our strong into weak
Our hot to cold
I wanna stay woke not sleep
So when it comes to this movement thing
I want my coffee with no creme

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