Maladjusted Society


I run from the truth

As I refuse to believe

That we as a race

Are choosingly blind

To the struggles

And desperate pleas

Of today’s teenagers.


Let me ask you,

Do you think I look fat?                                          


Our children these days

Are striving to fit in

To a maladjusted society,

Always trying their hardest

But not quite hard enough.


Is this what we call love?

Can you really close your eyes

And walk away

From the pervasion of the human mind?


What has happened

To the concept of childhood?

Has it been banned by law
That happiness, in and of itself,
Is a satisfactory conclusion?


I’m filled with disgust

Viewing the broken hearts

And twisted minds

Of today’s youth,

As she struggles

To lose five more pounds

And he remembers

That real men don’t cry.


Being well adjusted

To a sick world

With debilitated people

Does not deserve an award,

But rather,

A cry of disapproval.


Before anyone can begin

To really comprehend

The importance of 

BC Calculus 

And AP US History

They must first

Have the revelation

That value

Comes from within.



We must all individually

Get through our heads that

People do not

Come in 'one size fits all'

And human worth

Is not measured on a 4.0 scale.


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