Making Elephants Climb Trees


University of Houston
United States

One thing I never understood,

why teachers from the burbs to the hood,

taught straight from a book,

never giving you a look.

Teaching should be an experience not a job,

education transcends us and is crucial to our society,

please dont make it a mockery of autonomous

anonymous blathering.

Standardized tests, no arts or music,

head this warning least 

everything from the wheel to a book to our abilty to read it, 

will no longer be needed.

No one person is the same as the other but with these decrees,

passed by our government

there wont be any child left behind, 

because we're not going anywhere.

Question what we teach constantly and maybe then we will see

that we shouldn't be judging a fish, a bird, or an elephant like a monkey,

seeing how well it can climb a tree.


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