Makeup Majesty

I hide behind a mask of insecurity, a mask made of makeup.

When I put on my foundation, I conceal the batte scars.

The ones that come in the form of dark circles underneath my eyes.

 The ones that I show I made it through the night and fought death's hand.

When I put on my eyeshadow, i show the demons that live inside

The ones who try to consume.

The ones that I defeat every day. 

When I put on my lipstick, it draws attention to the smile.

The smile that is there no matter what the mood.

The smile that makes me think I could be happy too.

When I put on all of my makeup, it makes me feel like I am perfect.

Even though I know Im not, and know I'll never be.

I wear the makeup so I dont have to look like me.


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