Makeup Can't Make Up


The loss of sleep can be seen hanging under my eyes

Concealer can't do a thing despite how hard I try 

The cover up can't cover up what's lying inside

Eyeliner and mascara running on my laugh lines

This face of mine can barely symbolize who I've become over time

Emotions running through my veins whether it's joy or it's pain

Displayed through my calm composure or through a raging hurricane

Every word that I speak can spark minds and strike nerves

My lipstick can't hold back how I feel from what I observe

You'll never know the real me viewing my posts on IG

You'll never know the real me reading my composed tweets

All of that can't define me individually as one could see

Connect with me soul to soul deeply and spiritually 

In one day you'll see a snippet, maybe just a little piece

To know what fully lies within would take longer than eternity 


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