Make Me Understand


United States
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How is it right
That the skin covering our hearts
His black, mine white-
Can destroy a love
Simply by blinding others’ sight?

I do not see
And never will
How it is possible to hate
Something that you do not even know,
A bond
A love
That is not yours to feel
Hands that are not yours to hold.

How do you justify
Condemning a relationship-
One tested by time
Only to still exist despite-
All because you do not like
How his skin mixes in with mine?

I do not understand.
And I will not try to see
A view that is just utterly
Wrong to me.
I will not hear any more
Ill-conceived ideas-
In which I simply do not believe.



I like the idea behind this. It's sadly still a problem we're dealing with in this country.


Unfortunately. It is also an issue that I am currently facing in my own life and I can say it's truly heartbreaking to see how deep discrimination runs in this country.

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