Make me Suffer with Things I'd Rather

“Make me Suffer with Things I'd Rather”


Oh, chop me in thirds, rather than rid me of my triumphs,

With the sharpest and evilist weapon you own;

Or push me off Mount Everest; make me swallow sulfuric acid

   That melts my insides; force me to set an orphanage ablaze;

5) To die from an experiment; settle me in the cemetery as my new home;

Or smash the skulls of newborn children like porcelain glass;

Impale me to the nth number in which I bleed oceans;

Or bid gone to the perceptual vastness of space;

And implode within the minute in which I lack oxygen;

10) Things that, to hear them told, have made me wince,

And I will do it with fearful bravery and forced liberty for all are created equal,

To never have to experience the robbery of my hard work.


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