Make Me Smile

I see a little boy picking up trash

He walks around with a bag

And places item after dirty item inside

I ask him why and he says because someone has to

He makes me smile.


There is a woman on my street

And every Thursday she mows her elderly neighbor’s lawn

She doesn’t get paid

And they don’t thank her

But week after week

She’s there

She makes me smile.


There is a girl who stays after school until five everyday

She’s not studying

Or in any clubs

Or waiting to be picked up

She’s helping the janitors clean

I ask her why and she brightens up

“Because the school is so big”

She makes me smile.


I was in the lunch line today

And a boy didn’t have enough money

He sat back down, face red with humiliation

Another boy came over and sat down with him

He brought over his friends

And they all gave the boy some of their lunch

They make me smile.


Happiness is fleeting

And it’s not always true

But the only happiness I need

Is to see humanity at its finest,

Because people helping people

Is what makes me smile.


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