Make It to See The Next Day


You can put pipes to a crack rock.

But can't put a rock on  her finger.

You had time to hold a glock

but you forgot to think of

The consequences evil.

Because when the bullet leaves barrel

it spins in rotation like a matrix.

before it pierces the 

body and the lives of families forever.

Many close their mouths

and become mute like like walls.

But the walls never lied

so the silence of the city tells all.

Voices of ignorance preach stop

snitching while the innocent fall.

And even if the person

that left us is gone.

They will always be known

for the things that they did wrong.

While the aggressor is content

with their decisions and move on.

Something's going on.

This thing is all wrong.  

When we stop living in a fantasy

and march on?

Hold each others hands

instead of cutting one another's arms.

Speak life to these young cats

and hoodrats that have no clue.

There's no valid explanation

for the evil that women and men do

.We ridicule but forget

it could have been us too.

Beware of who you give your trust to.

Because a coward will always feel

he must prove.

That he is "strong"

and he will shoot.

We underdmind these

misconstrued minds.

And hold vigils hoping

we can go back in time .

when all the drama was

standing right before our eyes

bold and underlined.

And if we continue to burry

our children due

to these violent crimes.

then we too may

lose our natural minds.

The bible questions

what is faith without works?

You feel that we need change

but think it will never work. 

Stop standing in a stagnant position

and move your foot foward first.

  I cannot  promise that you heart

will be at ease after today.

I lost an uncle to the streets

so I can relate.

We have one thing in common. 

We're trying to make it

to see the next day.


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