Make It Last

Does time exist, or is created my man?

To fool us, to scare us, to limit our plans.

To make us fear death, and our short time on Earth.

A clock counting down since the moment of birth.

Is time the ticking I hear in the room

Or is it the cycle of the Earth and the moon?

Is it 365 days I have left to be 'young'

Or the passing of darkness to the rise of the sun.

Is time here to help me, or scare me away.

So much I could do, but such a short day.

Is my time adding up, or is my clock counting down

Is there extra time that I haven't yet found.

Time is here to remind me not to waste what I've got.

To absorb each moment, each smile, each thought.

Sure I wish I had more, 'cause it goes by fast

But I'm going to make the time I have last.






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