Make America Again



We live in a country where, we become aware 

of political issues through songs.

Songs stating, "This is America" its just not fair.

Children being ripped away from their mothers, 

brothers killing brothers, trangressions undercover. 

Why does it take a beat and a famous artist to make those speak, 

speak up against violence, speak up against hatred and love.

I love this land, America the land of the free

or is it really free, just not for you and me.

I mean we, women, LGBTQ, and those of melanin

Its time we rise, and throw away despise. 

For we all bleed the same, our nation is under attack and its not from the outside.

Our eyes are full of hate, and we cant see beyond that gate

that this nation that we love is breaking, crumbling, burning.

 Yes thats right, its called global warming.

We were once united, the nation on top.

Now we stand divided. 

The enemy is creeping, seeking whom he shall devor

lets not give him the power.

Hold a hand no matter the color, sex, or orientation 

lets fight for this nation and make this America a new creation.


This poem is about: 
My country


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