Make Africa Great Again

From Adam and Eve to Ancient Egypt

and from Egypt to modern Nigeria

Africa has always been teaming with diversity

With over 2,000 cultures

Africa is a melting pot of cultural exchanges


With great food like Jeloj and Bonku

Why are my people Hungry

with Amazing animals like Elephants and Rhinos

Why are we whipping them out for others greed

With resources like gold and diamonds

Why are we still poor

Will the corruption ever end

Can Africa rise up out of the Chaos


Only Africa can help Africa

We can't rely on Foreign aid forever

We must stop fighting among ourselves

We must use our resources and think outside the box

Throw away absurd traditions, keep the good ones, westernize some aspects

That is how we can move forward in this cruel 


Charles Muchori

Did you finish this poem? The corruption; that's the biggest wound that Africa suffers today. Nigeria should be one of the richest countries in the world today but well... we like our pockets and stomachs too much to be honest... Leadership change, political will to curb corruption and vigilant citizens should turn this sorry situation around. Great piece.


I know I'm to years late but thank you. I just posted this Poem to try something out, but I became preoccupied and forgotten about everything at the time so I never came back. Now I am interested in doing writing professionally before I eventually do it professionally so my interest in poetry has come back.

But I agree 100% with you. The current situation can go either way, but I'll hope for the best.


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