To Maim and To Heal



Torn apart,

And feed to the beasts

That surround me.


In my mind

I fall

Pushed over the edge

Not by weapons

But words.





Age never matters

The viscious cycle exists



It happen to everyone



And sometimes

The words that burn

Becomes self-inflected as well.


Do people not realize

The strongest weapon

Is not guns

Or knives

But words.


Words can dance

On the tongue

And warms the heart

And soul of both

Speaker and listener.


But words can also

Peel back

The curtain

One's most excruciating

Fears and dreams

And destroys one's very being.


I want

To use words

Not to stab, hack, or tear,

But to heal.

To build up the hope

That others tear down.


And maybe,


The world

Could love

Once again.





You're realization-- that words are stronger than any other human force-- is a universal truth that few people are conscious of. Kudos to you for your willingness to look beyond the immediate!

As for the poem, I like it. One way that you can make it better is by adding symbolism or imagery to paint a picture for the reader. Use words more words that will evoke emotions or images for the reader. It will add a great deal to the substance of your poem!

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