Magnification of the Infinitesimal

All, the time, in vicinity, of the manifold,

The infinitesimal, awaits, the gates, of consciousness,

Of peace, amid, the wrestling, thunder,

And lightning, there, within, the clouds;


Of dark solitude, smitten in slumber,

The atoms, release, the upheavals, of taunt,

Of electrons, running, the current, of revenge,

In infinitesimal, electrons, of hate;


Dark amidst, the moon, the hate fades away,

And waves, of white, in the slumber, of life,

Awaken, the thirsty, uttered within,

Reconciling, revenge and hatred, therein;


Far, amid, the distance beyond,

The hate, and revenge, merges within,

His infinite, thoughts scurrying for peace,

His soul, lost, in the ravages, of time.


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