Magical World



Oh rising sun how beautiful you are
Hey shining moon of the fourteenth
And yes, the shiny stars,
Here, the trees who are spreading love
with fragrances of different flowers
And butterflies of different colors,
Hi, the mountains, you win the height
But, only the sky has a limit,
And one who gives us a place to live
Oh, beautiful earth
Oh, beautiful earth
I want to tell you all,
You are more than blessings from our lord
But what is true you know???
You are nothing without each other
Same as the humans are
They need others to live
Same as the moon needs sun
Same as the flies needs flowers
Same as the stars need sky,
Oh!! my lord, how creative you are
Your art is more than beauty
Your drawing is a learning piece
And we are here to learn, my lord
So give us life with minds,
To unhide the secrets from your canvas
And find a path that leads us to you

This poem is about: 
Our world


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