Madness upon the Madness

When does it stop?

I want to do what I can't, 

And I do what I am not suppose to.

Life governed by rules.

Why is my time here so cruel?

How can I articulate these emotions to people who've considered me a fool?

Why is this path so embedded with madness?

I just want to feel free, like my neck, when a shirt is tagless. 

Can I put power in these hands?

Or am I doomed like the Native American's when the Mayflower hit the land?

Why does restrictions have to apply?

I just want to grow a pair of wings and fly.

No college. No work. No pressure of failing on my back.

I want to look my mother in the eyes and say, ''I tried''

I want to throw all these priorities away and just glide upon mountains.

I'd seen my fair share of tears.

I just want to give up without giving up.

I want to succeed,

But there's no water for the seed.

All I am offered with is the madness, may I be freed?





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