Madly, Deeply in Love

Tue, 08/27/2013 - 20:41 -- mskeels

From the moment I saw you my world turned upside down

because we never know who in our life is going to be the one.

But when I found you I was on my guard,

my heart had just been broken, but you somehow pulled me out.

You took my hand and led me away from all the bad in my life.

You showed me another world with just a snap of your fingers,

and instantly I fell madly, deeply in love.

You showed me who I was and who I could become,

and I listened and  let you take my hand. 

You led me away, oh so far away,

you led me to a beautiful place.

And instantly I fell madly, deeply in love.

Later on I found out secrets,

others would have left you for.

You were always waiting for me to leave you.

And on my way out to slam the door.

But I stayed with you, I kept you close to me.

Because I fell madly, deeply in love with you

forever and always for eternity.


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