Made So Ugly


The laughter still going in and out,
in and out,
in and out of her mind.
It echoes in her ears so strong,
From her high-water pants,
and to all four of her big hazel eyes.
None of the hurt,
none of the stress,
none of the pain,
and none of the tears seem to pass her by.
They knocked her down day by day, 
and if she tried to stand,
It was never very long until she was on the ground again.
Day after day, 
night after night,
it was always the same.
She always went home with her head held low.
Now that she's older now, 
nothing really seem to change.
Even without her old fashion glasses,
or her high-rising jeans,
the horrible people that teased her just wont seem to leave.
They still won't let her be the pretty girl she was meant to be.
How could this world be so cruel,
how could they make a sensitive girl feel so ugly?
When she looks in the mirror, 
the hurtful image she used to see,
it reflects the little girl the world made so ugly!


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