mad inner-city negro


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They all think that i be spazzin.. i just see shit for what it really is.. this aint my life i was just dragged in.. Love aint enough when you askin.. Death seems to be the only Passion..everybody cant w8 to take they last breath..I Treat a Woman Good Without Askin..YEt Im still Perceived asa Bad Man..I Be Chillen..On The D-Lo Yall Kno My Skillo.. I Was NEver Mean Yo..Until You Take Me Out my Peace Zone..Ppl Make ME Weak With They Nose Growings..I Just Speak From My Chest Bones.. My whole Life i Been Stressed From em..Even Produced some and Got short Comins.. I Kno im Not Perfect like Pain Hurtin..Most important Lesson in Life Is that Pains Certain.. Second Lesson Is When It hit yhu Get Back Up and Keep Goin.

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MVP-Most Valuable Poet

life is about experience
be true to yourself my brother
keep going and write brother

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