Mad at the Eurocentric World

Red Bone, Yellow bone

Is there not a back bone that praises the black bone?

Is there media that praises the mahogany skin tone?

Or is it the skin bleaching creams that we own?


Do we apply it in the privacy of our homes?

Do we think life is fair when our skin is fair?

Do we allow our dignities to tear?

Are our identities as strong people known?

Have we lost our black bone?


A straight nose and pale face has become the standard of beauty

And all we have to showcase is twerk videos of our booty!

Wasn't the tragedy of Sarah Baartman a lesson enough?

Why is her story being ignored by us?

She paraded around as an animal

Never heard but always shown

Have we lost our black bone?


There are ones who claim that they're Black and proud

But are too scared to say it loud

There are ones who straighten their natural beauty just to be apart of society

There ones who wear hair that is sewn

Have we lost our black bone?


Well my dear, in the words of India Arie

" I am a queen"

In the words of Tarrus Riley

" I'm a natural beauty, no need for make up to be a cutie"

I can drink my coffee strong and black

My head is on my body and my bone is in my back!

All I can do is sit back and watch where this grave society is headed at

With my megahone voicing the bone in my back!

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