Macbeth: Hero to Foe


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Fair is foul and foul is fair
Lies, betrayal, hatred, and blood
Loom freely in the air.
Dearest hero turned foe
Believe the literal truth and fell to an all time low
His lady acted not as his conscience
But as ignition to his deception
Down went Duncan at the dead of the night
Foul bloody hands
Not washed away, even with all your might
Not enough is it!
For one your throne no one else shall sit!
Down with Banquo and his son
But his plans foiled
Dear young Fleance is on the run!
Even as King, there is no joy
Sleepiness nights and ghosts and who is to blame?
Macduff! Down with his family
Down with every babe, servant and woman that relate to his name.
Still the horrors of the night taunt
But he cares less and sees not
The movement of Birnam, and knows not of Macduffs birth.
A fight till the death leaves the tyrant headless.
Foul is fair and fair is foul.


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