Ma Dukes

A glistening crown placed on the top of her head

Her lioness quality sleeps soundly in a bed

She speaks her mind so outspoken her kind is hard to find

She guides and leads and gives me direction

Shields me from harm and gives me protection 

We look just alike they say I’m the reflection 

Sometimes she scolds when giving correction

Tells me to have a good day and does with affection

Dipped in honey is her complexion 

It’s never debatable that she’s pure perfection 

I can depend on her for advice

To stray away from what wrongfully entice

I learned from her all she did was sacrifice 

Got her college degree and put her life on hold for me

I’ll make it out great, no disappointments, I guarantee 

Queen of queens no one is above her

Holds my weight, my number 1 supporter 

No one is stronger, no one is tougher

Taught me how to love my fellow brother 

Yes she is my enchanting mother


This poem is about: 
My family


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