Lyrical Schemes

Thu, 07/24/2014 - 00:29 -- Tsuki


Music is my everything

My passion and the air I breathe

But if music is the air I breathe

Then poetry is the blood I bleed.

It’s the very essence of my being

The thing keeping me alive

Writers block is like blood clots

And I’m trying to connect the dots

Of these lyrical rhyme schemes

Set down by the school systems

That don’t even know your own dreams

Because now a days you are not a person

You are a percentage

Who are we ?

The tax payers that have broken dreams

Those dreams that lie scattered around us

Because of selfish greed

And the only thing I need

Is support

The support of my family and friends

Just isn’t always enough to get me to the end

So I fall back on the music and the lyrical remixes

Listening to that #1 hits list

And spitting out spoken word like it’s a foreign language

Creativity is slipping through the cracks

You know those cracks you stare at

During class when that isn’t the place you want to be at

Yeah those cracks

They are like leeches

Only they are serving the school system

Sucking out your creativity

And putting out scantron sheets

Since being in school will never be complete

Without the tests that judge your memory

Not your IQ

So you who are listening to me preach

You can reach your dreams

Just try to avoid the greedy schemes

Set out by the ones censoring the truth

Put on those headphones

And listen to the words artists scream

Because they are proof

That you can survive and live out your dreams.


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