The Lynching of Jesse Washington

Mon, 04/01/2013 - 00:34 -- AustinT


United States
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Whether he did the crime or not
His body deserves and chance to rot
From normal decomposition
Not from flames he was repeatedly dipped in
Not from a angry mob fueled with more fiery hatred than a forest fire
That would make even Smokey the Bear alarmed
Why cause him so much harm?
You see this act of crime grew a crowd over 10,000
Imagine that many people leaving their houses
Just to see young 17-year old Jesse stripped, beaten, burned, mutilated...lynched
My heart fills so much sadness and anger I can barely think
Why? Because not only was Jesse black, but I was the same age as him when I heard his story
In a class full of whites who thought civil rights was boring
The flames of hatred boiled in my stomach as I imagined the burns on his skin
While being lifted on a chain to his death I bet he just wondered when..
Would this torture end.
And now in 2013, I wonder the same.
Because even though progress has been made, racism is all the same.
Superiority is a concept of the mind and back then it lead to the violent
Death of Jesse Washington, I wonder what drove them crazy, license
To kill if only the will of someone against this unlawful act was heard.
Maybe then you wouldnt have to hear these angry words...

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That was really good! Props to you! :)

Imani Sophia

Really good. 

It hurts to know and witness that racism and discrimination still exists. It was a good piece. I would be angry too if the kids in my class thought the civil rights movement was boring.

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