I know it all too well 

happens out of no-where 

suddenly that girl or guy is 10x hotter than 

you though.......

even if the person is a complete jerk, dork or total know-it-all, 

you don't seem to see it just yet. 

I hear lust is a must for relationships 

to survive but 

it can destroy them too. 

First they lust 

then it's love.. but no 

I rather someone love me 1st 

then lust for me like they couldn't 

keep their eyes off me 

Lust is a total wuss 

all it wants is your lovely lips 

perfect body, sweet curves 

your smooth legs but 

you know what lust doesn't want

That thing beating inside you 

that's keeping those sweet lips, perfect legs, and lovely curves in tact.... 

but lust doesn't want anything to do with it. 

So is lust really all 

that great in the 1st place 

because it's really only runner-up... 


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