Lullaby and Paradise

I smell the burning image of hearts
This day I watch everyone walk
A line, into perfection of solitude
I never knew feelings of Ice and Tea
Could cut a wound that was deep into
A somber meaning
I am feigning as I grasp the flowery
Chair by a hand or two
And watch my Paradise into soils of sew
Not only I sit and stare into
Paradise casket and watch the
Ocean unfold
But I see the elegance of beauty
As my eyes begin to mold
As Lullaby begins to cry I to begin to whimper
I watch as everyone departs their
Ways back to their lives while I
Sit and wallow through the maze
Heaven begins to flood the beautiful scene
As I stand and watch Paradise fall as
A bean
There was a delicate taste on her
Cold lips
There was the yellow pale skin of a Lilly
And there was a rotten apple of hearts
Playing in my chest
I am angry but sad I must confess
Now I must leave Paradise and let Her
Rest because Heaven has made the sky
Restless and Angry
It’s hard watching my Paradise descend
Into a hard place of maggots and worms
And I picture a rotten death as her delicate
Body is harmed by critters of the universe
But what can I do?
I can only turn a shadow and walk
The grey brick road to love our
Our sweet music not of creation
As we arrive home,
I hear a small breathe in my arms
As I put her in her little room
I rub the smooth surface of her head
I watcher sunshine become the moon
I sing a small melody to settle her mood
But as I look around the room
There were tasteful pink and white balloons
And a picture of Paradise sitting on a stool
I take the picture and leave Lullaby to
I slowly close the door and solemnly begin
To weep
I wake up with a clouded mind
And broken spirit
There I still record the memories
Of a fallen angel as I stare into the eyes
Of the sun
As I rub the heartache and blasphemy
Out of my head and take a small
Breathe of guilt and selfishness
I rise to kiss the morning light
And sing a small melody to my
I walk into a room that smells
Of Underworld fire and tears
My heart is opening its eyes in fear
As I gaze in thy bed
I see my beautiful Lullaby dead
I slowly pick up my precious note
And hold her against my bosom
I fall to my knees and scream and scream
My false love I did not give
I don’t feel the small breathes
I don’t feel the warmth of her skin
I only feel the coldness of her tiny pearls
They are stuck in stone
As my heart is turned into cement
And my rain drops stain her precious
Musical texture
I shall sing you a Lullaby my love
I shall kiss you in Paradise
I shall once again feel your love
I shall once again kiss my Lullaby
I’ll see you in Paradise

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