Thank you for these feet I use

to walk a path of dreams come true

Thank you for the air I breathe

which gives me strength in this life I’ll lead.

Thank you for knowing each hair on my head

that I may trust in you who’s not dead.


I often tell myself I can do it all alone

But believing this shall turn my heart to stone

Blinded by the world’s games,

a girl can easily get lost

And that’s just not worth the cost


To be hot and on fire

Is what my God desires

To be cold and calmly praise,

sometimes I have those days

To be in the middle, wishy washy and warm,

makes my father sick and leaves me torn


He gave me a voice, so I decide to be loud

I choose to be bold and stand out from the crowd

If I fall, I choose to keep fighting

Even when the world tries to bite me


They are all talk, They bark but cannot bite

For He’s pulled out their teeth

And he’s made me mighty


People will disagree

They will try to rebuke me

But I will not get angry,

Only show the same love that my father showers down from above


He pulls me up when I am down

He’s there when I say no

And there when I choose to say yes

He is there whether you hate or love

He is there to wipe away any mess


I have chosen to trust in him

Even when times get tough

Do you see this smile on my face?

It’s because I never can get enough.


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