Sun, 03/02/2014 - 14:38 -- TorenCh

Overbearing as I may be, my heart is all kind and all sweet, yet why can I find a single girl with good intentions when we meet?

My aggressive nature followed by aggressive words attached with aggressive actions, yet black women oppose me, like some kind of fat guy opposing faction.

“Look at his stomach” or “He sounds Caucasian” is usually what I hear, I attend college and now I drown sorrows with my beer.

Experiments with a myriad of women, from Asians to Hispanics, yet black girls see me, and they still begin to panic.

Searches for my right woman so I begin to treat all of them the same, I learn their cup size but never remember their name.

They are all equal in status seeing that they have none at all, I avoid eye-contact at parties and reject their personal calls.

Now see that was the old me, that was a different man than the one you see today. My second year in college and I’ve found my own way.

Almost 100 pounds gained from working third shift, a new girlfriend by my side, yet she enjoys no special gifts.

Finance major with stock market dreams, but I’ve failed generic math twice.

I’m eating healthy too, by sucking cherry flavored ice.

Black girls? They’re all pregnant, they’re honestly just a waste of life.

They all wish they were me now, I’m the one holding the knife.

I possess all the skills that black men everywhere should have, I see broke scholars and I continue to laugh.

Because one day Bill Gates will be my chef, and Donald Trump will clean my house. Jerry Jones will sing to me, and Mark Cuban will be a mouse.

Football dreams although I’m almost three years in, I’ll make Jordan Belfort’s action’s look like a petty child sin.

Billionaire by age 25 so mark my words when I say, once I find the answer on google, I’ll become rich one day!!


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