Lucky me..
I'm sure that torture for sure is never short. If anything it's always shure’. for its deepest’ to be nowhere near its weakest, and is unpredictably’ full of insecurities’ the ocean stands’ like a child, clever humble and stumbles. Just because it knows no better. So much that if it keeps you’ and kills you’ will just blame you. It has no boundaries’ when the earth's sea” springs’ more tears’ to salty vapor, then clouds to drips” its has ignited” the rain to stripps, till it leaks drizzle” and the storms begin’ to
form” And chaos starts To take that one course that it knows to take. Before all end’ is born. And humanity is torn. So What's the reason’ my brees in why u never seem to Be in season. And why is that your live” is in such prison vibe. If of all that exist. You can choose any motion in your ocean, why the one that starts in Collision just for commotion” Look at what you done Now. Even you can take control of it no more. My ocean brees my spirit it's Talking and its pinching that your just Teasing. Now the oceans begins to up burst” Among all what else but a terrible curse, “tears as big as fears” And just beginning”, feels like a Spill” of intinc skills. It senses it’ like it season's it. And the sea Don't see like you and me See. The Ocean itself keeps more treasure” like reflection” it duplicates true Intention. But to float in it’ with no Expectations, Is to claim internal Meditation” On deaths creation. My brees please’ if when the Oceans Roar it will swallow you in whole” And like GOD'S perfection the waters are his creation’ As if our LORD just flicked’ The tip of his finger tip, To remove whatever our FATHER had on his beautiful holly upper lip. Ill imagen my LORD’ snaking on heavenly dip.’ And complementing it” with a flawless chip. And yet’ not one drop of remorse. And out from in The waters waves, surfing tubes stretch out as long as fresh water rivers do. Now that the end of ends comes to an end. And there it is “My darling brees. My GOD” come here hold on to me” “close your eyes”
And she whispers I've have always loved you” So I take one last breath and say, “there im ok now. I hold her chin slightly up’ and put my palm over her eyes and i kiss my lady, before I miss my chance. like I had all the time in the world” but know a minute at the most. The one clash of earth's rock, Smashes’ It's agony from the surface to its core. We both tightened up squeeze as hard as we can”. And there it is” the Least , in the beast.. The Richest ‘of the least rich” an a Hater of his maker. Who else, or what else” but the one who's done it before.
Bye my brees “ bye love!. The earth..its life...left nothing for TIME!.

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